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Internal Communications Plan Template

Create a comprehensive plan for more effective and efficient communications.

Internal Communications Plan Template

Using this template

This particular communications plan template outlines the main categories of information, so it's easy to scan and customize. Use it as a starting point to structure your efforts and tailor it to your needs as you grow in your role.

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What is an internal communication plan?

A communication plan is a communicator’s most essential tool. It’s our drawing board and the one thing we can put between us and the landslide of ad-hoc communications that are endemic to internal communication.

The format of an internal communication plan comes down to personal preference, from the overall way it’s structured, right down to the specific categories of information it covers. While the types of information are broadly consistent across the board, the layout needs to make sense to the communicator and be relevant for their team use.

If you’re new to internal communications, it can be a bit overwhelming, and you might spend a lot of time wondering which structure or template is the “right” one. The good news is that the right one is whatever one works best for you and the way you intuitively organize information.

Who will find this template useful?

While more experienced communicators may have come up with detailed and complex templates that work for them, sometimes we’re looking for a gentle nudge to shift us out of our usual comfort zones—like a new way of organizing our thoughts.

This planning template is ideal for non-communicators who’ve found themselves suddenly responsible for communications planning, communicators who are new to the field, or those who’ve been around for a while and are looking for a fresh perspective on the way they plan.


Plan ahead to stay organized, avoid scheduling conflicts, work better as a team, and demonstrate the value you provide to the business. 

Measure your activities for a more objective and strategic view of your communications.

A single source of truth is the anchor to all your communications activities.