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Internal Communications Strategy Template

Bring direction and purpose to your internal communications.

Internal Communications Strategy Template

Using this template

This internal communications strategy template takes you through the process of setting your agenda for your planning cycle, whether 6 months, a year, or longer. It is most effective when you use your organization’s strategic objectives to inform the direction of your communications strategy.

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What is an internal communications strategy?

Your internal communications strategy should guide every piece of communications activity you carry out. It should be your internal comms bible and be referred to during the planning process for each campaign and initiative.It helps ensure members of your team are on the same page, gives other stakeholders insight into your long-term intentions, and provides you with a record of your plans.

When compared to a communications plan, your strategy should be at a higher level, outlining the strategic objectives you want to achieve over an extended period of time, rather than focusing on the details of your activity. If your organization’s communications are a journey, your strategy outlines the destination, and your plans outline the directions.

The format of an internal communication strategy comes down to personal preference, from the overall way it’s structured, right down to the specific categories of information it covers. While the types of information are usually consistent across the board, the layout needs to make sense to the communicator and be relevant for their team’s use.

If you’re new to internal communications, it can be a bit overwhelming, and you might spend a lot of time wondering which structure or template is the “right” one. The good news is that the right one is whatever one works best for you and the way you intuitively organize information.

Who will find this template useful?

This strategy template is ideal for non-communicators who’ve found themselves suddenly responsible for communications planning, communicators who are new to the field, or those who’ve been around for a while and are looking for a fresh perspective on the way they strategize.


A mandate explicitly confirms your leadership team's political will and support in achieving your internal communications goals.

Segmenting your audience creates space for important messages to cut through.

We all have implicit bias, it’s unavoidable. Use this tool to check if yours shows up in the content of your internal communications.