4 easy ways to improve employee engagement with Reach
Employee engagement

4 easy ways to improve employee engagement with Reach

While we know the value internal communications brings in helping your organization run smoothly, its benefits are also human-focused; in other words, internal comms is an absolute must in boosting employee engagement and creating a positive and productive work environment for your teams.

According to a study by AON, a single disengaged employee can cost a company on average $10,000 in annual revenue. These figures add up, especially for larger organizations with large numbers of employees. So how does our Reach software help? 

To put it simply, Reach drastically improves the internal comms process on a micro and macro level, by meeting your employees’ needs and helping them perform their roles with ease. It factors in the most common obstacles your teams face and provides innovative, user-friendly solutions. 

Essentially, if employee engagement is the destination, internal comms is the journey! Here’s a breakdown of how Reach can boost and strengthen employee engagement. 

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1. Send better, clearer messages

Employee engagement refers to the relationship between an organization and its employees. It’s an umbrella term that encompasses employee wellbeing, company culture, and overall passion for the job. 

Engaging your employees through your internal comms begins with sending compelling, clean messages. With Reach’s intuitive message builder, it’s easy to write your message, add an image from the platform’s extensive Unsplash photo library, or even drop in a URL that Reach will then auto-populate an image and header from. Easy peasy!

2. Target the right audiences

When your message is ready to be sent (hopefully with clear, concise copy!), choose from that list of audiences, whether it’s individuals, particular departments, or your whole team.

Remember, audience segmentation is a huge part of the game when it comes to internal comms; simply sending the same message to multiple different groups may not generate the results or engagement you’re looking for. You want to avoid clogging up the inboxes of those in your staff who won’t find a particular message relevant to them. 

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Employee engagement in internal communications

3. Schedule your messages with ease

Gone are the days of trying to chase down employees who haven’t read your messages. By scheduling your message reminders right out of the gate, you’ll be able to give the employees who haven’t seen your communications a nudge—without lifting a finger. Reach does that for you, so you can tackle your to-do list stress-free. 

In an ideal world, reminders will be a thing of the past altogether, and your employees will never miss an update again once they can choose how to receive company messaging. For instance, one of your staff members may prefer to get work schedule updates via text, while another wants to get all communications via Slack. 

Thanks to Reach’s flexibility and seamless multi-platform integration, employees can select their channel preferences so you can message them accordingly on the channels they are most active on, or send out an all-staff communication in case of an emergency. 

Our favourite part: you’ll also receive instant updates as to whether your new approaches have paid off. After all, nobody wants their messages to get lost and unanswered in the digital void, right? 

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4. Gather feedback to improve future communications

We’ve talked at length about the importance of gathering employee feedback and how important it is to employee engagement overall. In a nutshell, giving your staff a chance to come to you with suggestions and input shows them you value their time and opinions. With Reach, you can also measure the response to your messaging with sentiments, and use it to understand your audience and drive employee engagement.

Reach offers five different features for employees to provide feedback anonymously or non-anonymously: five-Likert scale, binary choice, quick poll, feedback box, and action button.

Want to ask employees how satisfied they were with the latest team-building activity? Opt for the five-Likert scale. Wondering whether a certain message was helpful or not? The binary choice feature lets employees give you a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down. With Reach, your feedback options are plentiful, and your employees will feel truly engaged and involved. 

Improve employee engagement with Reach internal communications software

There you have it! Employee engagement is a breeze with Reach, letting you create smoothly-run internal communications at every stage while standing out from the noise.

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