People come first: announcing Reach’s audience segmentation feature

People come first: announcing Reach’s audience segmentation feature

There are a lot of elements of good internal communications to juggle. From picking the perfect timing for a message, to choosing the right channel, to being able to measure your results, it all should come together to ensure your employees are informed and supported.

Above all, the people that make up your organization come first. We’re helping you put them at the top of your list by launching the latest new feature of Reach (our purpose-built and methodology-backed internal comms software): deeper audience segmentation.

We’re constantly rolling out additional features and updates, so don’t forget to learn more about everything our Reach internal comms software has to offer.

Keep track of all your employees with Reach’s people management dashboard

As we broke down in a recent webinar on the topic, the “audience” of your internal comms efforts could mean two different things. Broadly, it’s who you’re targeting with your message: in other words, your staff members. But because of your staff’s diverse needs, “audience” can take on the meaning of discrete groups within that larger staff pool, and dividing them up along those lines can let you send your messaging with more nuance.

Poor targeting will affect the adoption and penetration of your internal communications efforts—and according to Gallagher’s 2021 State of the Sector Report, less than a fifth of communicators effectively segment their audience. A good technological solution could help bridge the gap.

The first step of Reach’s audience segmentation feature release is the people management dashboard. With this dashboard, you can examine and search through all of your employees by name, email, phone number, role, status, job title, location, and department. You’ll see your total number of active employees, as well as pending, paused, and new people.

Segmentation Feature

Once you have this holistic grasp on your employee database, you can easily create and organize custom audience lists with Reach, so you’re targeting the right employees, with the right messaging, every time.

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More audience segmentation features coming soon to Reach

This is just the beginning of Reach’s capabilities when it comes to organizing and reaching your employees. In the coming months, keep a lookout for features that will help you upload employees to your system en masse with easy data import, delve deeper into creating specific lists and categories, and more.

In the meantime, learn more about how to effectively segment your audience with our free template on the topic.

Take your internal comms to the next level with dedicated software

Hopefully we’ve sold you on the fact that our Reach internal comms software could revolutionize your communications efforts—and audience segmentation is just the start. Internal comms are an integral part of any organization’s picture of success, and sometimes, you need a technological solution to make a world of difference.

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