Collect it, download it, analyze it—announcing Reach’s data & reporting feature

Collect it, download it, analyze it—announcing Reach’s data & reporting feature

We know that you put a lot of work into every aspect of your internal comms strategy. From picking the perfect timing for a message, to choosing the right channel, to segmenting your audience properly, you should be able to gain instant visibility into whether your efforts are paying off. Because how can you improve if you only have a foggy idea of how your internal communications are landing?

We’re closing that gap for you by launching the latest new feature of Reach—our purpose-built and methodology-backed internal comms software—data and reporting. With Reach’s data and reporting feature, you’ll never need to wonder how your message performed again.

Instead, you’ll gain instant visibility into how your communications are landing—information that will help you connect your internal comms to your company’s bigger picture—with high-level insights. Let’s walk you through what that actually looks like.

While you’re at it, check out our Q&A with IC Thrive’s UX designer to go more in-depth into how the team developed Reach’s data and reporting feature.

One centralized dashboard for your key takeaways

In Reach, you’ll now find a specific dashboard just for gaining a high-level view of your data, with an overview of your messages sent, number of views, conversion rates, and more.

Our entire Reach software is built with our 7-principle methodology in mind: strategy and mandate, content, audience, channel, time, metrics, and of course, data analytics and reporting. The new data and reporting feature—presented using this new dashboard—not only fulfills your need for data and measurement as an internal communicator but was also designed with every one of the other principles in mind.

Take timing, for example, and the role that proper scheduling plays in your communication activities. Perhaps some of your employees are part-time, and Wednesday afternoons are the best time to reach them instead of the frequently overused 9 a.m. Monday morning. With the timing tab on the dashboard (coming in June), you’re able to see a heat map of the best days and times of the week for sending out messages, which Reach has generated for you using your existing data.

Data Reporting

The same is true for seeing insights related to your audiences, content, and even employee sentiment, as you’ll see from the other tabs on the dashboard. Want to know if your employees prefer Slack messages or email? Reach can tell you that on the channels tab, coming in June and shown below. And the more you use the software, the better your insights will be.


If you would like to drill all the way down into a specific message or request for employee feedback, we also have a message dashboard that will show you conversion data and feedback results.

Download your results for easy presentation

Great data on your internal comms efforts hands you the opportunity to tell a story to the stakeholders at your organization. You’ll not only prove your own value as an internal communicator you’ll also be able to show your leadership team what keeps your employees happy and how to continue that behaviour.

You can easily download the results from your data and reporting dashboard. Whatever the settings you have it on at the time—maybe you’re looking at data on channels for the month of August—it will download and export that data specifically. This reduces the amount of time you need to clean up and tinker with the data in your Excel sheet or other data analysis tool.

As our UX Designer, Cameron Eldred, told us in our Q&A with him on this new feature, “We had lots of feedback from internal communicators going into this—some of them didn’t care about the dashboard at all, they just wanted to set their timeframe, download all the data, take it into Excel and do whatever they want with it. So we allow people to do that, but we also wanted to be as visual with it as possible for people who just wanted to be able to make conclusions within the software itself.”

Reach is malleable to your needs, and we’re constantly tweaking and adding capabilities based on what you—the internal communicator working to improve your organization—are telling us.

Real-time results and long-term takeaways on your internal comms

It’s easy to filter your results in the data and reporting dashboard to see exactly the numbers you need. For example, you can set your timeframe to a certain week, month, year, or custom dates for quick comparison. Or you can set it to real time and watch the conversion rate on your latest message tick up right in front of your eyes!

With the ability to break down those results by specific audiences, folders, and tags, there’s no limit to the insights you can gain with Reach.

Report Filters

Data & reporting is just the tip of the iceberg with Reach internal comms software

Reach is built to help you make the leap from good to great internal comms—because we believe you deserve the right technology to tackle the scope and frequency of internal comms work at your organization. Data and reporting capabilities are just the start of what Reach can do for you; it’ll also help you organize your efforts and better engage your employees, too.

For more details, you can head to the technology section on our website, or book a quick demo with a member of our team to chat about whether Reach might be the right fit for you.

You can also see for yourself how powerful the Reach platform is by starting your free trial today.