Empower your team with user roles & permissions: announcing the new communicator role in Reach

Empower your team with user roles & permissions: announcing the new communicator role in Reach

Ever wish you could give your colleagues their own access to your Reach internal comms platform to send their own messages, but not have to worry about them seeing sensitive information? 

Well, now you can! 

Our team is thrilled to announce the first phase of our new user roles and permissions feature in Reachthe communicator role. Read on to learn more about how this exciting new feature will work. 

Psst! We’re constantly rolling out additional features and updates, so don’t forget to learn more about everything our Reach internal comms software has to offer. 

Why are user roles & permissions important in internal comms? 

Having user roles and permissions as a feature in your internal comms software can be an important step to promoting collaboration and efficiency in your role. They also allow your team to access the data they need while keeping sensitive information secure. Let’s take a look at each of these topics in a little more detail! 

Empower your colleagues & improve efficiency with user roles in Reach 

With the new communicator user role, those tasked with internal comms can empower and delegate activities to their colleagues. Now, those granted access to Reach with a communicator role can create, edit, duplicate, delete, and send their own messages through Reach. Then, they can analyze the resulting data

Psst! Soon, your colleagues with a communicator role in Reach will be able to manage their audiences independently, too. You heard it here first, folks! Stay tuned for more information. 

As the internal communicator, you are empowered to use more of your time acting as a strategic advisor, rather than an order-taker. At the end of the day, your whole team can be more efficient and productive, and spend less time waiting on others. 

And, it’s easy to get started. To modify user roles, a Reach admin just has to modify your user role on your personal profile. It’s that simple! 

Closeup view of user roles and permissions in Reach

Keep confidential information secure with permissions in Reach 

Worried about letting your colleagues loose in Reach? Are you concerned they might come across sensitive information before your leadership team is ready to make it public? Or perhaps send a message to people that they should not be sending to? 

Not to worry—the communicator role in Reach ensures that those users only have access to the audiences, messages, and data that they own. Everything else, including the sensitive information that you’re working on, cannot be accessed. You can rest easy knowing that your team is more productive without granting them unnecessary access to any irrelevant information. 

Take your internal comms to the next level with dedicated internal comms software 

Now you’ve seen how the Reach internal comms software could revolutionize your internal communications efforts—but user roles and permissions are just the start. Internal comms are an integral part of any organization’s picture of success, and sometimes, you need a technological solution to make a world of difference. 

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