Keep employees engaged with regular updates: announcing the internal newsletter feature in Reach

Keep employees engaged with regular updates: announcing the internal newsletter feature in Reach

Are you looking to deliver a professional, branded internal newsletter to your employees? One that’s easy to update every time you send it, and easy to send on different channels (not just email)? 

Drumroll, please… Reach can help you with that! 

Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of our internal newsletter feature in our internal comms software, Reach! Read on to learn more about the benefits of an internal newsletter and how this new feature will work. 

Psst! We’re constantly rolling out additional features and updates, so don’t forget to learn more about everything Reach internal comms software has to offer. 

What are the benefits of having an internal newsletter? 

The main difference between an internal newsletter and regular internal communications messages is that newsletters include multiple non-urgent content items in one single message. Newsletters are also typically sent on a regular cadence. 

Here are some of the main benefits of an internal newsletter: 

Keep employees informed 

A well-designed internal newsletter keeps employees informed about organizational policies, activities, services, social events, and news without overloading them with content. Also, newsletters are a particularly good way to keep shift workers and distributed workforces in the loop. 

Boost employee engagement 

Internal newsletters are also a great way for internal communicators to build morale and generate excitement about organizational events, something that’s key in building employee engagement.  

Send & reinforce messages all at once 

Finally, if you’re inundated with requests from stakeholders to send out content, but can’t possibly find the time to fit them all into your calendar, a newsletter can be a useful tool to send multiple messages out at once. Newsletters can also reinforce previously sent messages and ensure that no one misses out on an important update. 

Internal newsletter example

Example of an internal newsletter sent from Reach

Creating internal newsletters with Reach 

Ready to start sending out your own internal newsletters? Using a purpose-built software platform like Reach, the process is simple. 

Using Reach’s newsletter builder, it’s easy to: 

  • Add branding, including logos, colors, and fonts, to your newsletters 
  • Create reusable templates that allow you to easily customize the layout and priority of individual content items without having to solicit the help of a graphic designer 
  • Report on the statistics of each newsletter and template (open rates, click-through rate, etc.) 
  • Add custom images, text, and playable videos 

That’s not all. Because Reach is a multi-channel internal comms platform (meaning it can send employee messages through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and SMS at the click of a single button), you can easily preview what your internal newsletter will look like on all of those channels before you click “send”. 

As our team continues to improve the Reach platform, you can also expect to see more exciting templates added to the newsletter template library over the coming months! 

Take your internal newsletters to the next level with dedicated internal comms software 

Getting excited? We know we are! 

If you’re ready to see our internal newsletter feature in action, start a free trial or book a demo today. We’ll show you how Reach can revolutionize your internal communications efforts with our suite of features built to help you keep organized, engage employees, and measure success. What are you waiting for?