Measuring employee feedback—polls, scales, and comment boxes galore

Measuring employee feedback—polls, scales, and comment boxes galore

At this point, we’re all exhausted by the all-staff survey; the generic, familiar way so many employers try to gather employee feedback.

It’s a good thing there are other ways, ones that achieve better results. With Reach, our methodology-based internal comms software, you can easily dodge the survey fatigue and get a real sense of how your employers feel through thoughtful internal communication efforts. No more sending messages about the upcoming office party, a cross-company merger, or a new healthcare plan into the void—Reach lets you choose the best format to collect feedback and track your results in real time.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the different ways to measure employee feedback and where each one might come in handy, whether you’re searching for a new internal comms software that can provide it all or simply looking to learn.

(Bonus points if you use these tips in conjunction with a great internal comms strategy, which our handy tools and templates can help you build.)

The five-likert scale helps you gauge the mood

Reach’s sentiment scale helps you get a more in-depth read on your employees’ feelings, and is so customizable that it can help you assess, well, pretty much anything.

Write a custom question—whatever you’d like. Then, set the range of responses from a drop-down menu of ten choices, which our team carefully selected for their versatility in the workplace environment:

  • Agreement
  • Approval
  • Awareness
  • Familiarity
  • Frequency
  • Importance
  • Intensity
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Satisfaction

When they receive the message, employees will be able to select a response from a range of options along the scale. For example, if you’re asking a question related to “performance,” responses range from “far below standards” to “far above standards.” If you’re asking a question related to “agreement,” responses range from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.”

For your employees, it’s as easy as choosing the option on the scale that matches what they’re feeling. Here’s an example for agreement:


With this particular feedback option, responses are anonymized. This way, employees can be honest without worrying how they may be perceived, leading to more accurate results.

The binary choice feature keeps it as simple as a thumbs-up

Sometimes, the simpler your feedback collection, the better. Reach’s binary choice feature is as intuitive as a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, making it easy and painless to collect feedback—just like if you were in an in-person meeting.

You might use this option for simple but useful questions, such as “Do you understand this message?” or “Was this email helpful?” Before, you may not have bothered to ask your employees questions like this as you sent out your internal comms, whether that’s because of the hassle or the time it might take to set up—but with Reach, it’s easy to make sure your messages are landing.

This employee feedback option also lets you keep responses anonymous.

The quick poll feature makes presenting options easy

Present your employees with a list of specific options and have them select their choice in no time at all. This employee feedback option might work best for any sort of multiple-choice question—say you want employee opinions on which new company slogan should be chosen, or whether they will attend an upcoming product demo.

The messy comment box goes digital

With Reach, you get all the perks of the cardboard comment box left on your desk, with none of the hassle of sorting through little scraps of paper. With the feedback box feature, employees can provide written feedback on the topic of your choice and send it straight to the activity dashboard for you to look over, all in one place.

The option of written employee feedback lets you collect more meaningful, detailed insights. Or it can be a valuable conversation and connection piece—try asking employees about their opinion of an art exhibition that just came to town, for example.

All these employee feedback options and more are built into the Reach software

As you’ve probably gathered by now, obtaining quality employee feedback isn’t as easy as asking the closest co-worker what they think about something. The best way to connect with and gather feedback from your employees is with purpose-built internal communications software like Reach. Not only can you become more thoughtful about seeking their input, but you can track and measure results, too.

Book a demo and try Reach out, or head to our technology page to learn more about what else our software can do for your internal comms.