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Internal communicators often invest a lot of time into creating quality messages—but then they send them into the digital void, not knowing how they are being received. That’s where gathering employee feedback comes in. With Reach, you can measure the response to your messaging, and use it to understand your audience and drive employee engagement.  

Gathering feedback and adjusting accordingly can echo throughout your organization, helping you create a great employee experience and reduce turnover. As your leadership team will know, the best employees are those that feel heard and valued.  

All of our features are backed up by our proven 7 principle methodology, so that Reach is grounded in the foundations of effective communication.  

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5-Likert Scale

Our anonymous, customizable sentiment scale helps you get a more in-depth read. Write a custom question and set the range of responses from a drop-down menu of ten choices, such as awareness, approval, and quality. For your employees, it's as easy as choosing the option on the scale that matches what they're feeling.

Binary Choice

With our anonymous binary choice feature, you can also set a custom question. Employees simply select a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, making it easy and painless to collect their feedback—just like if you were in an in-person meeting.

Quick Poll

Present your employees with a list of specific options and have them select their choice in no time at all.

Feedback Box

All the perks of the cardboard comment box with none of the hassle. Let your employees provide written feedback on the topic of your choice and keep track of it, all in one place.


Action Button

Add a customizable button to your messages and send your employees directly to a webpage or document, making your messages more interactive, seamlessly.

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Tone of Voice Worksheet

Use this tool as a framing template to keep your whole team on the same page!

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Where does this feedback go?

All of the feedback your employees provide will go into Reach’s activity dashboard, where you can track it and make quality take-aways.

Can I export out the responses, conversion and feedback activity?

Yes, absolutely! You can download to CSV and manage in Excel.

How often should I be using this feature?

It will vary according to how much you need to communicate with your employees, but asking for feedback should be to gain quality insight into their thoughts. Overuse will lower participation. (For further advice, you can easily touch base with our comms team as a Reach customer.)

What if my employees don’t engage?

With our handy reminder scheduling feature, you can (politely) make sure your employees don’t miss a chance to provide feedback.  

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