Put your employees’ preferences at the forefront of your messaging.

With Reach’s multiple-channel integration, you can seamlessly add platforms like Office 365, Teams, Slack and more to your internal communications, all from one platform. Your employees will never miss an update again once they can choose how they prefer to receive company messaging, and your engagement rates will get higher, too. That way, you’re not spamming—you’re simply communicating the right way, every time.  

All of our features are backed up by our proven 7 principle methodology, so that Reach is grounded in the foundations of effective communication.


A variety of channel options  

The more channels you connect, the more ways you can get in touch with your employees. Reach currently integrates with Office 365 (and as a result, Microsoft Teams), Slack, SMS, and IC Thrive’s Source intranet platform.  

Synchronize with ease

Using Reach’s seamless integration with Office 365, you'll gain back precious hours in your day that you would have spent painstakingly organizing your employees. We’ll integrate all of your team members as part of our onboarding process. The best part? After that, your system will sync and automatically update.  

Employee preferences

Some of employees may prefer to receive a company message via text; others might hate the idea and opt for the classic email option. With Reach, each individual employee can set their own order of channel preferences, including for urgent messaging.

Strategy selection

Choose to send each message as either “normal” or “urgent,” with options to use a specific channel, send in a specific order if it doesn’t reach employees the first try, or send according to employee preference.

This comes in handy in cases of crisis communication. During an emergency, time is of the essence. Not only do you have to get your message across quickly, but you also need to make sure your employees receive it. By selecting the “urgent” strategy option with Reach, you can blast a message directly to employees’ mobile phones, or to every channel they have connected. 

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I’d like to avoid another username and password for my employees. Do we need to set up a login for Reach?

The first time users onboard to Reach, they go through an activation process.  Depending upon which login configurations are enabled, you could use either username (email usually) / password, Microsoft 365 login, Google, or other authentication providers that your users may already have. 

Can I give you my cell phone number and see how it comes through SMS?

Yes, we can just add your number manually to your profile for the demo. Then we can manage your channel preferences, and based on channel strategy and message priority, you will receive it there or on the appropriate channel. 

What would appear in an SMS? 

You can customize per channel the content that comes through “in channel”.  For SMS, you have up to 1000 characters, which will include the title and a link always back to the full message to a web page. 

Will this be able to connect to our “on-prem” Source intranet? 

Yes, it can and it enables you to bring in your users and audiences (based on groups departments, locations) to build off your existing employee information and lists that exist within “In Touch” (your intranet). 

What does it look like in terms of setting up for the employee? Is it something they opt into? 

Yes, the employee can update their profile at any time, and opt-in with their mobile # 

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