Our methodology

Effective communications is about getting the fundamentals consistently right.

We believe in methodology before technology.

Created for those tasked with internal comms

We call our methodology Drive – because it drives internal communication success. Everything we do – from the assessment we’ve created, and the services and products we deliver is based on our 7 principle methodology.

See how you stack up against these 7 principles, which are foundational to effective communication.

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Your opportunities are endless. 

Knowledge is power with our detailed assessment report. With this in hand you now know where your internal communication is strong and where it needs more work.

Get a free comms strategy template. 

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll gain access to a free internal communication strategy template and other helpful resources to empower your team. Built by comms experts, these powerful and straightforward tools are ideal for non-communicators who find themselves responsible for internal communications.

You’re not alone.

Along with your assessment report are several tools and templates to help you on your internal communication journey. We also have experts on hand to discuss your assessment further and help you implement some best practices.

Put internal communication on the corporate agenda. 

Your assessment results are a great way to take the discussion you have about internal communications with your organization that much further.

You can even take the assessment again over time to measure your success.

Find out how to create a thriving workplace.

With our proprietary 7 principle methodology, you can count on delivering increasingly more effective communications that drive great results.

Strategy, Mandate & Planning

From your basic campaign communications plan to your fully integrated corporate objectives, the Strategy, Mandate & Planning principle covers the foundation on which you build your internal communications landscape.


The Content principle looks specifically at the purpose, make-up, and format of your internal communications materials — the content of your content.


The Audience principle looks at how well you know your audience, and how you apply that knowledge to the ways you communicate with them.


The Channel principle looks at the different ways information moves through your organization.


The Timing principle looks at the role that time and scheduling plays in your communication activities.


The Metrics principle looks at the what, how and why of measurement for your internal communication activities.

Data Analytics & Reporting

The Data Analytics & Reporting principle looks at how you use data about your internal communications activities to tell a story for your stakeholders.

Take control of your internal comms.