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Smart, simple communication.

Reach keeps your internal comms simple: no downloads, no training, and only the communication features you and your team really need, backed by our proven process and 7 principle methodology.

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About the message builder

Building messages is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Whether you need employees to complete a detailed form, or you're simply sending them to an updated policy page on your intranet, the whole process is smooth and streamlined. The only thing you need to think about is the copy.

About Audiences

Not all messages are relevant to the entire company, and it's also not the best practice to do so. Once the novelty of irrelevant messages wears off, it's incredibly difficult to have your voice heard. With the Reach audience builder, easily segment and group your audience to make sure the right messages reach the people that matter.

About Metrics

Are you getting heard? Reach takes the guesswork away as you'll be able to monitor exactly who has seen your message (yes, even if they didn't open the full message) and who has engaged with it. With automatic follow-ups, you won't need to chase anyone or a response, Reach is already on it.

About channels

As Reach is a software tool, it is quick and easy to set up. Even more so if you're already connected on Slack, Microsoft Teams or Office 365. Reach also requires little training to administer, and no training for the end-user as you'll be reaching them on the channels they're already active on.

With Reach you can:

Automate operational tasks and get time back in your day.

Schedule newsletters and communication campaigns across multiple channels and set up automated follow-up reminders. See real-time results and export data in easy-to-read reports.

Reach takes the work out of following up so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

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Focus on your most effective communication channels.

Not all channels are created equal. Allow your audience to choose their preferred means of communication, whether Slack, MS Teams, email, or SMS.

Use data and insights to track and measure the success of each channel. Learn what content performs best and how to optimize future campaigns

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Reach your entire workforce.

From office employees to deskless or remote workers, now you can really get their attention with engaging, relevant content sent to their preferred channels.

At the touch of a button, you’ll have real-time insights into who is opening and reading your internal communications, and you can set up automatic reminders for those hard-to-engage employees

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"It’s been great working with the team and it is easy to use. Both the user experience and look and feel are fantastic."
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Jen Dekkers

HR Coordinator at Sun Peaks Resort

Measure your reach.

Never again wonder who is reading your internal comms. Reach will help you confirm your content is resonating with an easy-to-use analytics dashboard.

Using a simple dashboard, you’ll instantly see the success of each message you send. Take the guesswork out of your internal communications by using the data to help you determine your next steps.

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Backed by experience.

The Reach platform is built based on 7 unique key principles, backed by internal communications experts and 20 years of our own experience. What’s more is we practice what we preach: by implementing our own best practices for internal communications at IC Thrive.

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