Organize your communication

Dreaming of easier, more efficient internal comms? Reach’s audience segmentation, Office 365 sync, and helpful folders and tagging will help you get there.

Segment your audience

Gone are the days of the “all-staff” email blast. With Reach you can easily create and organize custom audience lists, so you’re targeting the right employees, with the right messaging, every time.

Synchronize your teams with ease

Using seamless integration with Office 365, Slack, and our very own Source platform, you’ll gain back precious hours in your day that you would have spent painstakingly organizing your employees.

Learn about synchronization and integrations

Categorize your efforts with folders and tagging

Never lose track of a message again. Organize all your internal comms in folders by campaign, or tag each message for quick content categorization.


Crisis communication

When you can organize your internal comms effectively, issues suddenly become manageable. Through the ongoing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Reach can help you stay calm and collected.

Sun Peaks transforms their virtual communication

  • 600+ seasonal staff kept informed
  • 23 newsletters
  • 12 COVID-19 updates
  • 60+ hours of admin work saved over first 6 months

Smart, simple
internal comms


3 free tools and templates to improve your internal communications planning

Download these free resources to help simplify your internal communications planning, strategy, and content creation.

Three content ideas for your company newsletter

Here’s how to utilize Reach’s new newsletter feature to craft strong, engaging content for your company newsletter.

Keep employees engaged with regular updates: announcing the internal newsletter feature in Reach

A well-designed internal newsletter can help to build employee engagement. Here’s how to set up your internal newsletter in Reach.